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Larapinta Trail


I’ve always thought Shane should be throwing himself at my feet but without the bleeding knees!

We are on an easy section of the Larapinta Trail walking from Simpsons Gap into the first camping area. When I say ‘easy’ that means there are no big daunting climbs and no knee jarring declines but it is very stoney with long desert grass hiding the path in places. During the first kilometre we both did little stumbles and trips but Shane decides to go full horizontal and scares the life out of both of us. Thankfully nothing broken, a few scratches and bruises. He bravely carries on for the rest of the 7kms into the creek bed. At times we must look like we are marching through the wilderness, lifting our feet up high enough to navigate the rocks – apparently very good for the bum muscles.

It is our last chance to walk this trail for a while – Shane thinks we may have done 10% of it and reckons he could have cut 20ks off it by keeping the path straight instead of going around everything (lol). I am sure it has been designed so we can experience all aspects of this area from the woodlands to the towering hieghts of the MacDonnell Ranges.

Simpson’s Gap


With an expected 32 today the plan is to get out walking early. We have decided to walk some of the famous Larapinta Trail heading out to Simpsons Gap to join the trek back towards the Telegraph Station. The whole walk is 223kms long so we are having just the smallest tastes but hope to complete it sometime in the future. The wonderful thing is that you can hop on and hop off the trail to complete sections that are suited to your walking abilities.

The extra views that are experienced are certainly worth it and add a further perspective to popular landmarks like Simpsons Gap. The higher we climb the more we enjoy the complexities of the range and yet still close enough to the powerful rock formations to appreciate the forces of nature that came together to create something amazing.