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Marbles and Daly Waters


It is short drive to the Devils Marbles (Karlu Karlu) and we did toss up the idea of staying here. The camping area at the Marbles is very good with toilets and plenty of sites to choose from but with temperatures expected at over 35 today air-conditioning might take priority. Still it’s nice to have a walk around the area, as the rock formations are extraordinary.
Trivia note: John Flynn’s grave initially had a stone from this sacred site placed on his grave but in October 1996 the stone was wisely returned and replaced with one chosen by the indigenous community.

Shane has a bright idea about going to the Daly Waters Pub, he has a hankering to have a beer there. It’s a much bigger drive than expected but it is a very welcoming end to it and with only 20 minutes left of happy hour there is no time to loose. It is a great place to relax, good music, interesting surrounds and half price beers.