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21/9 – 24/9/2013

With names like Thirsty Point and Hangover Bay, Cervantes should be a fun place to stay – little did we know it would nearly blow us away, literally. On the day we arrived it was sunshine and puffy little white clouds but at about midnight gale force winds hit and our caravan was buffeted and shook around all night. We also had a nice tree branch over our caravan we kept hoping that it would stay attached to the tree and not end up in bed with us! It was followed by a miserable day of rain and more threats of bad weather heading our way that night. Thank goodness the wind shifted to NW and we were more protected but with winds in Perth expected to reach 100 – 150ks we are still worried – after all we are only 200km from Perth.
We have to time our outings in between showers of rain, severe wind and sunshine. Perfect time to check out some wild flowers so off to Lesueur National Park – unfortunately that is down a dirt road which was a bit of a challenge. For any wild flower lovers out there this is the place and so many varieties. We walked and got wet, then walked and got dry but so glad we went.
Then it’s off to the Pinnacles. Again it’s a matter of timing and dodging dodgy weather and we end up getting very lucky – a little windy but no rain. The Pinnacles are made up of limestone and look like pillars standing like sentinels guarding the sand dunes along the coast – some over 2 metres tall and others just showing the tip. It seems that it is a bit of a mystery just how they were formed but apparently it all happened underground and one day the fragile vegetation disappeared leaving the area open to erosion. Rain, wind and other elements took away the sand from around the harder limestone formations leaving the pillars to rise out of the ground. It is well worth walking around and we decided to hoof the 4ks around the park. It is a very unique, eerie, unusual and strange landscape – another fascinating pocket of our great country.