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Alice Springs Desert Park


Our last day in Alice and, as we hope to get up close to some of the birdlife we see whilst out and about – especially the Wedge Tail Eagle, we are spending time at the Alice Springs Desert Park.
The tickets we purchase are for the day and a night tour – bit of a discount buying them this way and we are extremely happy we did – money well spent and an experience never to be forgotten.
There are the usual suspects like the dingo, kangaroo etc. but there are animals we have only ever heard about, even some we have never heard about, so being able to see them up close is very special.

The talks around the park during the day are also very interesting and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jeremy learning some good tips on how to light a fire and good bush medicine.
Hands down, though, it is the bird show that makes you gasp as it is simply incredible – all open air and with a couple of ‘extras’ from the wild that also join in the fun, or actually try and stop the fun, it’s a must. We went to both sessions morning and afternoon. That is how good it was. Seeing the Eagle flying majestically down from the nearby cliffs is the highlight but there is so much more to oooh and ahhh over.

The nighttime excursion is very unique and you really do get up close and personal with many, many animals. They seem very used to people so will often come right up to your toes. Conservation, breeding programs and the importance of preserving the environment as a whole are big subjects that are presented clearly with a lot of passion from the rangers.