Bald Rock


33 kilometers north of Tenterfield we come across Bald Park National Park, which offers a number of interesting walks – of course we are only interested in the main event on this occasion – Bald Rock.
There are two ways to get to the top, fast and furious or slow and steady. The rock is not slippery and so not hard to climb up if you don’t mind heights.
The other option takes you through some fantastic rock formations and natural Aussie bush. Probably a good idea would be to do both but we choose the steadier climb and enjoy the dramatic scene as we come up out of the bush onto the first section of the bare granite rock.

We are fortunate to have a perfect day to see views over NSW and into Queensland.

The rest of the way to the top is less climbing but for those who have a little trouble with heights it could be a little overwhelming. At one point the rock drops away each side of you, like you are walking out on a peninsula.

Bald Rock

The wind is blowing, my hair is being tossed about and I couldn’t be happier – it’s an exhilarating feeling to reach the top.

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