Boonoo Boonoo


Driving into Boonoo Boonoo we find a good dirt road that was being graded so some larger vehicle hazards we were not quite expecting to encounter. The falls are first on the list of things to look at but clearly there are more walks out here than we ever expected. The Boonoo Boonoo River tumbles spectacularly over the escarpment somewhere into the valley below and I hope they will make a trail down to the base someday as it would fantastic to see the falls from that angle. The track is really good especially those that might be a little fearful of heights, not to mention any names, and has a handrail for the duration.

Boonoo Boonoo Falls

We also explore the pools before the falls and the river is really in its prime with the recent rains gushing and gurgling over anything in its path.

Boonoo Boonoo Rock Pools

Upon discovering a 13km return walk alongside the river we decide to give it a go with the hope of finishing around 4pm, starting at 12:30pm. Shane is keen to get back to town before the butcher closes for the day.
The walk is particularly lovely winding through the track some of which is lined with black and gold banksia shrubs (apparently called Banksia Black Magic) continuing into Cyprus Pine forests where the path is softened by the layers of dropped needles so is more like walking on carpet. We are travelling pretty fast over an undulating path, with glimpses of the river always close by, and reach halfway in good time – 1 ½ hours.

There is some concern that we had more downs than ups so our thinking is that our time back will not be that good. Shane leads most of the way back and is a man on a mission – those sausages are calling. We do make it back in the same time so very happy with that and Shane has his reward.

The Premier Butcher didn’t know what hit him with our sausage order – I must remember this incentive for walks in the future. The reward was deemed worthy as the chilli and Tabasco beef sausages are the best he has ever eaten – he even went back the next morning for more!

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