17/6/2017 – 21/6/2017

You get the idea that Tenterfield is a friendly town when the guy on the street, fixing the pavers, starts up a conversation and happily chats about the great national parks not far out of town. Everyone we meet from the butcher to the lady on top of Mount Mackenzie speaks so proudly of the town and again we feel extremely welcome.
We just had to start with the Tenterfield Sadlery – of course! It smells of leather and saddle soap with stories, poems and anecdotes pinned on the walls to read at leisure. The fellow in the shop is also happy to tell a few tales and to give us a couple more tourist tips.

In the afternoon we opt for the tourist drive as our caravan neighbours tell us how beautiful the scenery is along the road. It is a lovely drive weaving in and out of farms, over rises, down along side lovely valleys all with extraordinary granite stones and boulders for an added pleasure. Little bald rock gives us a small glimpse of what to expect tomorrow when we head out to Bald Rock NP. The pinnacle of the drive is reaching the top of Mount Mackenzie to see spectacular views across the town and beyond.

Another treat for us was to go to Stannum House to enjoy dinner for the measly sum of $10. We liked it so much we went back the next night taking our lovely caravan neighbours’ out with us! The bargain basement prices probably don’t do this very prestigious building justice but it was a good meal and gave us a little taste of an era gone by. The owner invites us to come and have a look around the next day, which we do climbing all the way up to the tower. What a treat it would be to stay here in beds you have to clamber up on to and to sleep in a room that Banjo Patterson may have rested his weary head. Apparently Tenterfield was one of the places being considered for the capital of Australia and Stannum House was built with that in mind.

When we arrived here we thought 2 nights would be OK we ended up staying 4 nights and could of stayed longer. At the end of the day we have seen and enjoyed so many things but it definitely is the people who make a place memorable…..and the sausages says Shane, definitely the sausages, – best chilli beef sausages he has ever had!

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