13/7/2017 – 16/7/2017

Goondiwindi here we come and in my head the song that keeps playing over and over is “They cheered him from the grandstand and they cheered from the flat …………… a horse we’re really proud of the Goondiwindi Grey.” From all accounts the stallion, Gundsynd, was dearly loved not only because he was awesome at out galloping the other horses but because he was a bit of a character, responded to the crowd when they cheered him and loved to get his photo taken, even posed some say. Of course being purchased for the small price of $1,300 makes for a great story and we all love a bargain. He went on to win 29 races almost $300,000 in prize money and who knows how much was won through the bookies. Born of ordinary stock, the Aussie battler who rose to the top and became a champion adored by all.

Shane enjoys some more not catching fish but this time in the Macintyre River – at least he did get a few bites to make it a little more interesting and like he says, “lots of fresh air”.
The walk along the river is very pretty with lots of birdlife to keep us entertained trying to work out what bird is that! Lookout, I think we are turning into Twitchers!

We stayed at the Goondiwindi Caravan Park, which has the most amazing artesian spa pool so lovely, so hot, and a nice place to have a chat. The damper nights are great too, freshly cooked, served with a cuppa around a nice warm fire with plenty of travellers to swap stories with.
Loved it here, loved the friendly, helpful people and had a pretty good haircut as well.

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