The Balonne River

9/6/2017- 13/6/2017

After Carnarvon Gorge we have drifted down through Roma, Surat and St George and Shane has especially enjoyed being close to the Balonne River – allegedly full of fish. The Condamine/Balonne rivers, one and the same really, catchment is one of the largest catchments in the Murray–Darling Basin but that’s not the important thing which is – it is allegedly full of fish! The water is muddy, the colour of iced coffee so I am not so sure I would like to catch anything at all as it probably would take on the flavour but it doesn’t stop us trying because it is allegedly full of fish.

We were hoping to catch the same Murray Cod I caught last time at Surat being a couple of years older it would be big enough to keep. I have to say we tried every angle, bait and spot we could but to no avail. We did enjoy our visit to the bowling club again – only place I know where a beer and a rum costs under $10 a shout so perhaps too well enjoyed.
On to St George, touted as the inland fishing capital of Australia, and we have prime position at the Riverside Camping Ground – powered sites that back onto the river – Shane can just throw a line in, relax and ………. not catch a thing – not true he did catch a tiny little yellow belly which of course with a little exaggeration ends up being just short of legal – tongue firmly in cheek!
So for those who care: the river claiming to be full of fish has been, sadly, left in the same condition – full of fish – there is certainly none on our dinner plate!

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