Carnarvon Gorge

6/6/2017 – 8/6/2017

Its been a couple of years since I heard about Carnarvon Gorge from friends travelling up here so it is very exciting to be here at last. The road is now sealed all the way into the camping area and almost through to the visitor’s information center so the access is much easier. Camping is not cheap $38 for unpowered but the surrounds are beautiful and the platypus pool is a good selling point.

Azure Kingfisher

We don’t want to waste anytime so its time to put in some serious walking. Mickeys Gorge, Warrumbah Bluff, The Rock Pool to the visitor’s center and Baloon Cave are on the hit list. All the tracks have something different to offer and it’s always nice to be back in the bush walking. An added bonus is seeing a platypus in a pool along the way to the visitor’s center – an absolute delight.

The late afternoon talk at the Takarakka reception area is a necessity if you want to get the most out of any walking you do here – very informative and the option is there to join a guided walk.
Our big day of walking begins early and the plan is to walk through to the Art Gallery and work our way back to explore the gorge’s optional walks. – Wards Canyon, Amphitheatre and Moss Garden then if I have the energy Boolimba Bluff.
We do go past the Art Gallery to the 9th Carnarvon Creek crossing, which means we did 18 crossings all together, and are amply rewarded with the sound of a flock of Currawongs in full song echoing around the gorge.

The Art Gallery

The Art Gallery

Wards Canyon


Bottom of the Amphitheatre

Moss Garden

Moss garden

This is a very special place and every path opens up to something new and unique to be appreciated – truly another natural wonder.
My climb up to the Bluff is the last off shoot to the main track and is extremely hard, the last 300m is virtually straight up following a series of ladders and steep steps (937 of them apparently) so not for the faint hearted but awesome views and another amazing perspective of the gorge.

Our last morning is mostly spent down at the platypus pool waiting, waiting and waiting for the elusive creature to reveal himself. It is a chilly 0 degrees but patience, in this instance, pays off with not one but two platypodes – right now I am so happy that Shane got out me of bed at 6:30.

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