Springsure may just have been an insignificant dot on the map but we found it to be a great little spot to spend a day and could have stayed more. We were inspired to venture here due to the lady at the Information Centre in Emerald and it is certainly seeped in history albeit a little morbid.
The Springsure Roadhouse Caravan Park is a great place to pull up with reasonable rates and if you stay for 2 nights an extra bonus of breakfast thrown in so not a bad incentive.
We head to the information/craft shed and the local lady is full of stories and a bit surprised we are wanting to find out about walking tracks after all we have a perfectly good car!
Although small, Springsure is really good at helping tourists make the most of their stay and have a list of interesting tours of the area. All are self-drive tours with maps and brief notes to cover areas of local interest.
A massacre of 19 early settlers who clashed with local aborigines occurred here in 1861 and the fall out from this led to terrible and excessive violence against them. Its interesting to note that the son, Thom Wills, did not take part in any retributions. He was a founder of Australian Rules football and coached an Aboriginal cricket team from WA.
Shane and I opt to head for the hills or to be more exact the Minerva Hills National Park. The track leans towards being 4WD but a 2WD could handle the main track into the park and as we also wanted to walk we parked and walked into the look-out areas where the roads are more challenging. Jagged peaks and deep gorges with views for kilometers, almost 360 degrees from Mount Zambia, out across the plains and over the famous Virgin Rock – all beautiful to see.

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