Charters Towers

31/5/2017 – 1/6/2017

Billed as Australia’s most iconic town it probably is easy to see why with such a colourful history. It all started with a young aboriginal boy named Jupiter who was rounding up some horses after a lightening strike and found a nugget of gold at the base of Towers Hill – with that a town was born.
Charters Towers was once the second biggest city in Queensland, had racial issues with Chinese workers, murders, hangings, riots, tragic deaths all amongst a thriving economy.
We take a walk up Towers Hill and learn a little more about the WW11 impact on the town with 42 Bunkers, an airfield and plenty of American soldiers. Two of the bunkers have interactive information to listen or watch – fantastic idea.

One of the many bunkers around Towers Hill

We walk up to the lookout and then down passed the old chimney remnants that had to be demolished to avoid planes crashing into it.

remnants of the 51m chimney

It is a treat to see a little wallaby, a Allied Rock Wallaby, peeping out at us as we walk down the path – he almost seems as curious as us as he bounds down further along to watch us from a rock. Too cute! Looking around we see quite a few who have made their home up here amongst the rocks.

Back at the caravan park Shane notices a Lorikeet who seems very friendly so shares some of his apple, then came another, then came about 50. Absolutely made our day and such pretty little birds.

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