29/5/2017 – 31/5/2017

You definitely know you are in cane country – sugar cane is everywhere. It seems like every piece of farmable land is taken up with cane – even front yards of properties are not the humble old Aussie lawn but more cane. We are driving around the coastal areas near Ingham to have a look at Hinchinbrook Island and come across a 6km long jetty at Lucinda, at the southern end of the island channel. Apparently the worlds largest bulk sugar loading facility.

Our afternoon ends with a walk around the TYTO Wetlands, named after the endangered Tyto Capensis Owl, which promises at least 20 rare birds as well as plenty of others. I think we are pretty lucky to see 3 of the more rare ones, Black Neck Stork, Comb-crested Jacana and Wandering Whistling Ducks, but there are many other birds to enjoy watching.

The only negative was having to quickly find the aeroguard before being eaten alive by the mossies but then we are in the middle of a swamp.
Ingham is also home to the ‘pub with no beer’, Lee’s Hotel – apparently the americans drank it all. Its a great pub with a good atmosphere, friendly staff and we almost wish we were going to stay for the State of Origin – free beers until the first points scored and free pies all night!

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