Wallaman Falls


As soon as I realised we were so close to Australia’s longest drop waterfall I knew I couldn’t resist checking it out. Even the 52 Kilometre drive from Ingham is interesting as we wind in and out of sugar cane farms and then through Brahman cattle, who are clearly not worried about traffic at all, making all vehicles go around them with a lazy kind of “I was here first’ look in there eye.
The final 18km is what you would expect going up a into the Seaview Ranges, sharp corners, steep but with fabulous views over the coastline. Happily the road is relatively wide, compared to the Puluma Road.
The lookouts on the way are fantastic and you can see clear across to the beaches, the ocean, Hinchinbrook Island and over Girringun National Park.
I think I may have used up all my descriptive words for waterfalls but this one is sensationally spectacular and I’m so happy we made the effort to see it. Stoney Creek spills dramatically over the escarpment and cascades down almost 270 metres into a pool which is 20 metres deep. It sure has the WOW factor.

Wallaman Falls

There is a very challenging walk to the bottom of the falls, 2km long and dropping almost 270m is not for the faint hearted – according to the sign anyway. (Shane took one look at it and said see you in a couple of hours.)

Shane decides reading a book would be best for him.

I loved this zigzagging trail, rainforest all around, butterflies, glimpses of the falls through the ferns and then a rainbow at the end – aahh.

Due to some dawdling I took about 40 minutes to get to the bottom so it could be done in 30 or less and about an hour to get back up which leaves you plenty of time to appreciate the surroundings – savour the journey. The track does get more treacherous towards the end and getting over to the pool is quite a dangerous undertaking so I decided to just sit and enjoy.
It is also worth driving down to the camping area, would love to actually camp here one day, and enjoy a stroll along the creek, maybe even swim in one of the beautiful pools.

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