22/5/2017 – 29/5/2017

Cairns has been a real treat for us, luxury accommodation in the absolutely best caravan park we have ever stayed in for a bargain price, beautiful weather, amazing scenery, challenging walks and fabulous seafood – underline the fabulous seafood!!! (Wendy’s Seafood Woree – fantastic service, yummy seafood for reasonable prices.)
We are advised to check out the Cairns Botanical Gardens and it is truly an excellent place to start, easy walking, shading from the harsh tropical sun and lovely garden settings.

The botanical gardens are a very important hub to the area with markets on the last Sunday of every month and some serious walking tracks starting and finishing here.
After my reef expedition we decide a hike into the hills will be a good follow up activity. There are three walking tracks, creatively (tongue in cheek) named Red Arrow Track, Blue Arrow Track and Green Arrow Track. Come on guys couldn’t we have gone with – Rainforest Ramble, Treefern Track and Pademelon Path! Anyway Shane and I take the Red Arrow with Blue Arrow and if feeling energetic the Green Arrow option – they all run off each other so we can decide at each intersections depending on how we feel. The walks are definitely not easy and after reaching the red/blue intersection, after climbing up too many steps to count, we are still happy to go on. (By the way it was an excellent decision to take the Blue Arrow trail leading off to the left – not so much climbing we discovered than that of the right.) By the time we reach the blue/green intersection, the top of Mount Whitfield, we opt out of the green and continue with the blue – just no energy to do the extra long walk. It is hot, humid and the track takes a lot of concentration not to trip on roots of trees and rocks.

The bay of Cairns

The rainforest is beautiful to walk in, little creeks gurgling through ferns, the amazing trees spreading out their roots to hold firm to the steep slopes, the sounds of birds calling all around us and the mottled sunlight streaming through the dense tree branches high over our heads.
We meet some locals out walking who happily talk about the area, sadly we wont see any Casawaries here as local dogs have seen to their demise but we do glimpse a cute Pademelon out and about looking for tasty nibbles and the bush turkeys are out in abundance. (Not an easy walk at all, be prepared, plenty of water, good shoes and take time to enjoy, rest and breath in the air of nature.)
Our final activity is a drive out to Ellis Beach via Palm Cove – where the rainforest meets the sea.

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