The Great Barrier Reef


Australia’s Great Natural Wonder

I am so excited to be going out on the reef today, the weather looks lovely, just a bit of a sea breeze which is causing a bit of a swell. The trip out to the reef takes around 2 hours and thankfully the seas calm down on our arrival – naturally due to having the ‘barrier of the reef’!
The water is clear and relatively warm but a little bit choppy from the windy conditions. I think I am swallowing way too much water but after a while I get better at using the snorkel and no longer feel like I’m drowning. It is a magical world under the sea where everything is calm with fish of every colour against a background of coral of every colour.

Soft coral shimmers in the sunlight, swaying gently back and forth with the movement of the sea. I also get to see black and white tipped reef sharks, a Humphead Maori Wrasse, Parrot Fish and so many more unique and crazy looking fish.

I spend about 4 hours swimming around in the water just enjoying the wonderland before me – watching the fish, chasing each other through the coral, looking for food and following the smooth moves of the sharks. Sadly I didn’t find any ‘Nemo’s’ but plenty of other fish in the sea!
A lunch break in the middle gives me time to dry off and replenish before the afternoon session.
The only downside was that on the way back to shore with the heavier, rolling, afternoon swell, a stomach full of salt water and after looking through heaps photos, I do get more than a little ‘captain crook’ – next time I will take the travel calm tablets.
A wonderful day and I am happily exhausted after a truly memorable experience.

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