Paluma National Park

Our caravan park is at a place called Mutarnee and is an absolute gem, spotlessly clean, beautiful gardens, palm trees, well kept green lawns to camp on all for the bargain price of $30. It seems strange but we are the only ones staying here in this massive park, its even a little eerie – did something happen here that we don’t know about?
Its time for a day of walking and we are excited to be heading up to the tablelands to the small village of Puluma to walk around the rainforest. The road up is described as unsuitable for caravans and so begins our first adventure – just driving up there. The road is ridiculously narrow in some sections and cars coming towards us are going ridiculously fast – obviously locals who know the road. Shane is in the passenger side and keeps pushing his foot down hard on the floor of the car – so I lean over and ask “so how are those brakes working for you”? Thankful the walks are the perfect way to release the stress and we manage to complete all that we set out to do. Witts Lookout (used in WW2 to keep an eye out for Japanese planes), Cloudy Creek Walk, Rainforest Boardwalk and the H walk.

All were relatively easy with only the last 100metres of the Cloudy Creek walk being a little more challenging. The brochures say ‘take a walk in the clouds’ and in the morning that description is perfectly accurate, the warm, misty air seems to cling to us as we make our way along the various paths. In the afternoon the clouds lift so we can glimpse the coast – spectacular.
With fear and loathing Shane heads back to the car but the trip down goes quite smoothly – only had to back up once.
We stop at the Little Crystal Creek waterfalls which is approximately half way and, when we reach the end of the road from hell, we take the short drive into Big Crystal Creek to the Paradise Waterhole.

There really is nothing like getting out for a good walk surrounded by beautiful forests and waterfalls – we are tired but rejuvenated at the same time.

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