Richmond Qld

17/5/2017 – 18/5/2017

Big news life-long Collingwood supporter, Shane, is now a big fan of Richmond.
It is always a fantastic surprise to stumble across a place that is extremely welcoming and makes your stay a very memorable one. Surat and Galagargambone are at the top of my list and now Richmond will make an entry.
The Lake View Caravan is situated on Lake Fred Tritton, it is well set out, clean and best of all we are welcomed with a smile.

Lake Fred Tritton

It is a very warm day so we rest for a bit before heading to Kronosaurus Korner where we buy a ticket to see the incredible fossil display. Little did we know we were about to be taken into another world. After a brief film we are met by Dr Patrick Smith, who just exudes enthusiasm as the resident palaeontologist, and he takes us through the intricacies of preserving fossils, finding fossils, extracting fossils, cleaning fossils and why they are here. We spent so much time with him we had to get a pass to come back tomorrow so we can finish looking at the displays.
The display of fossils is very well set out making the whole experience interesting – I love the voice on the recordings he sounds so excited about the whole thing. Farmers are turning into fossickers with some great discoveries.


‘Penny the Plesiosaur’

Shane and I try our hand at fossicking in the afternoon but sad to say no noteworthy finds but at least we were able to recognise bones, scales, fish bits and have some souvenirs to bring home. A very strange intriguing thing happens when you are digging in the dirt, as it turns out it is quite addictive – you really want to find something.
Its ‘the locals cook dinner night’ tonight and while I’ll admit they are not the biggest of serves it is a very tasty meal. Shane is laughing at me having a nice drop of McGuigan Red and I’m calling it Mcgoogan wine – definitely not how it is pronounced but it is very nice and thats the main thing.

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