Mount Isa

13/5/2107 – 16/5/2017

We have been doing a lot of stay and dash camping since leaving Jabiru so Mount Isa seems a good place to have a few days rest, catching up with washing, shopping and a bit of a clean up.
The Information Centre has a really wonderful display of photographic art by Alan Mathieson, some very remarkable photos – he must have incredible patience and a very imaginative mind.
On Sunday church is held in a renovated house from the Mary Kathleen uranium mine and we meet a lady who has lived in Mount Isa since 1950. She remembers lots of young families living in houses where there are now piles of dirt. She tells us that she had to move three times as the mine claimed more and more land until their final move over the river to the ‘town’ side where they were able to live a more settled life.


The hills surrounding Mount Isa are lovely to look at and have a very bumpity, bumpy appearance – no other way to describe them.

Lake Moondarra, meaning plenty of rain and thunder, is our first sight seeing venture and we spend the later part of the afternoon wondering around the foreshore. It is surprisingly big, huge even and is the water supply for Mount Isa as well as being very popular for fishing, skiing and picnics. As we walk over the dam wall Shane can see fish swimming about and wishes he had a boat handy.

The other side of the dam, without the water, is interesting too. You can follow the riverbed over the flats and the whole area looks like something flattened it, maybe a meteorite, pushing up the ground to form the hills around the edge.

Looking over the dam

Looking at the Leichhardt River, which flows only spasmodically, it is difficult to envisage that it fills the dam during the wet season, sometimes to the point of overflowing, if it’s a good one.

The Leichhardt River currently a series of pools

Our last outing in Isa is up to the look out to watch the sun set over the mine and the mine light up for the night. Quite a steep walk but, as always, the view is worth the climb.

4 thoughts on “Mount Isa

  1. Richard Rose

    Hi sis, I have a friend that lived in Isa a while back. On another note, I have seen the forecast for the next few days and it looks like things are going to get wet up there over the next couple of days.

    1. peakesj6 Post author

      Thanks for that. We were thinking of heading to Townsville but may just put that off for a couple of days. We have stopped in a place called Richmond and it was just going to be one night but its such an interesting place so might just hunker down here a bit longer.


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