The Caravan of Ants


Be warned those that set up camp in Mount Isa.

Fellow travellers have mentioned being troubled by ants with lots of helpful tips being bandied about on how to avoid them but we have been free of the little pests, well, until now that is.
Shane is always up before me and while I’m still stumbling out of bed he has his cereal, milk and yoghurt ready to go, happily munching away watching me get organized. I pop my weet-bix into the bowl and immediately notice ants, lots of them, happily crawling in, over and all around my favourite breakfast. The box is full of ants and Shane keeps eating, telling me not to worry it doesn’t taste any different. Thankfully the box was almost empty and we have other cereal. My whole morning is spent cleaning out the cupboard, spraying the little pests and checking other food.
In the afternoon Shane is feeling a little peckish so heads for a packet of nuts, opens them up and tips them straight down his neck, happily munching on them. Then he notices the ants all over his hands, his book and so I check the packet, yep, the whole inside of the bag is a moving mass of ants. Doesn’t worry Shane though, he still doesn’t stop chewing!
Apparently in some countries they are considered a delicacy although he is a bit concerned later on that they might still be alive climbing around in his stomach. Tomorrow morning he could have real ‘ants in his pants’. (Couldn’t resist the mum joke there.)

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