5/4/2017 – 6/4/2017

Still In Kakadu

Time to head to Cooinda, meaning a happy place, for a cruise around the Yellow River Billabong with Yellow Water Cruises, one at sunset and one for sun rise – it was a ‘deal’ thing. The car park is still underwater but they guarantee tours all year and have a contingency plan for all occasions.
This was one of the best things we have done and we certainly learn a lot about the importance of protecting the wetlands as well as all the information on the inhabitants. Crocodiles glide by effortless and unfazed by our presence and I think the tour guide knows them all by name. The bird life here is prolific with Jabirus, or as they are now known, Black Neck Stork, Sea Eagles, Egrets, Whistling Kites, cheeky Corellas, Kingfishers, Willy Wagtails, Magpie Geese, Whistling Ducks and then the little Jacana bird comes along. The male of this species takes on the nest building and rears the young ones, which are so tiny, and the cutest little things with the most gigantic feet. They are often referred to as the ‘Jesus’ bird as they appear to walk on water.

A young Jacana – just look at those long toes

The wildlife just goes about its business of being ‘wild’ with us looking in on their world – the Sea Eagle is in the process of building its massive nest and swoops in with a claw full of sticks,

a Corella harasses a Kite to get it out of my tree, swinging on branches, flapping their wings and squawking until he leaves

The Corella bossing the Whistling Kite out of its spot

and the crocodile lies silent,jaw open,in wait under the cover of the pandanus palm until it snaps up a barramundi in the shallows – its just extraordinarily wonderful.

We cruise around for an hour and a half on each tour and after the sunrise trip we also enjoy the full buffet breakfast that comes with it.
An added bonus of having a night here was the grilled barramundi – its the best I’ve ever had.

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