Litchfield National Park

1/5/2017 – 3/5/2017

Lovely Litchfield. Waterfalls, what can I say, I just love them and there are plenty to keep me happy for a very long time. We have arrived on the Monday of a long weekend so to avoid the crowds we wait until later in the afternoon to venture out. The Magnetic Termite Mounds are our first destination and we are probably a little unimpressed but the grass is very tall and they are hard to see. The information is very good and explains the reason why they face north which of course is to make sure the least amount of sun hits the mound keeping it as cool as possible. There sure are some big ones around here.

Next is the Florence Falls and Bluey’s Rockhole with a nice walk following the creek from one to the other – well it was really nice even though it was quite warm and it was great to be able to cool down at Bluey’s and then into the plunge pool at Florence Falls. Florence Falls is magnificent and is double the charm with two falls cascading down the sheer escarpment amid a monsoon rainforest into a circular plunge pool perfect for swimming in.

Tuesday we walk into all but one of the walks that are open starting with the Cascades, a challenging walk but well worth it for the views over the lowlands and then topped off with the falls.

The Wangi Falls are a favourite as the walk takes you up and over the top of the falls and down the other side. Butterflies are everywhere, along with dragonflies and the most colourful little lizards racing around distracting us a little from the strenuous climb.
Tolmer Falls turns out to be the most spectacular with a 40m drop from the escarpment, quite dizzying heights.

We end up back at the Florence Falls for a swim enjoying the magic for one last time.
Litchfield National Park has been wonderful to visit, everything is so accessible and we just loved spending time in this beautiful, beautiful place.

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