23/4/2017 – 26/4/2017

This is one of my favourite spots in Australia, that isn’t a beach, and I know that lots of people love it here too. We are staying in the caravan park closest to Bitter Springs, which is a terrible name for such a lovely place, so we can walk down to the springs. The water is not hot, just a lovely temperature to enjoy. I took some goggles to see if I could find any turtles. So if anyone is heading this way make sure you take some goggles with you to experience the under water world. Hidden logs, long green reeds, dark underside of the lilies with shards of light shining through, the white sand at the bottom of the narrowing channel and I get very lucky with a turtle gliding along in front of me.


We also found an exciting way to lock your self in the van:

  1. Buy super yummy home made mango icy poles.
  2. Jump in the caravan and put the air-con on so you can eat the icypoles without them melting.
  3. Get Shane to shut the main door so as not to let all that cool air out.

… if you shut the screen part of the door and then the main part of the door is not attached and sits just a little bit out from the screen door so that the door handle goes neatly into the hole of the main door which means you cannot turn the handle and are therefore locked in – its as simple as that. Shane wants to call the caravan park office so they can come and rescue us – there is no way I’m making that call. Luckily a paper clip straightened out and pushed through the screen to push the door enough to be able to open it and we are free – only after eating the delicious mango icypoles of course. Who would have thought that it was even possible?


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