Wycliffe Well

As we cannot get an early start this morning, early being any time before 9am, well we are on holidays from retirement, it is logical that we only travel a relatively short distance. Our aim is to reach Ti Tree but when we arrive we wait about 10mins trying to get petrol……and then give up to perhaps stop at the next which happens to be Barrow Creek, made famous by murder and mystery. It is probably the most unkempt, run down, sad looking place we have seen that’s still open so we glide in and glide out. In due course we come across Wycliffe Well which has some claim to fame as being the alien capital of Australia – I get the idea that the people before the current owners were right into this sort of thing but now there is very little eccentric enthusiasm but the petrol is very reasonable – very! On the other hand many people still come hoping to find that ‘the truth is really out there’.

It is a little daunting that there is razor wire around the park, gates are closed on dark and police are patrolling regularly but we don’t experience any disturbances of the extra terrestrial or any other kind.

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