Stuart Highway

13/4/2017 – 15/4/2017

We head straight up the highway and it is just wonderful to be on the road that takes you through the heart of our country again. 220kms from Port Augusta, just a stones throw really, the road takes you along side Lake Hart and it really is worth calling into one of the three lookouts along this section.  It is a visual feast seeing the huge expanse of the pristine white salt lake against the surroundings – striking views. It would be great to see this area more celebrated but perhaps people have a one track mind to make it through to the centre, so if you can, pause a while and enjoy the special, unique scenery.

Our plan is to travel around 400 – 500ks and we end up at Glendambo for our first break. It is so disappointing. We stayed here a number of years ago but the place was quite a let down. At $30 a night I want clean toilets at the very least but unfortunately whilst I can see that a mop has been moved around the floor it really has only moved dirt from one side to another and don’t get me started on the other amenities. I will be avoiding Glendambo, Glendamdont, on any further trips along this road. Marla on the other hand is a delight, clean and nice grass areas to camp on.

Also really liked the look of the NT border as a potential ‘free camp’ in the future.

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