Port Gibbon


Shane has been a little disappointed with Cowell as there are no nice picturesque beaches or coastal walks due to the mangroves – I guess he knows me too well and I love to get my feet wet at the very least and feel the sand between my toes. With that I convince my reluctant explorer that we should drive down to Port Gibbon, only 22kms, on a very good, hard, dirt road, one that he will not even have to let down his tyres to travel on. We are rewarded almost immediately with glimpses of the long beach that is there for the walking. It feels very remote and desolate with no trees to provide welcome shade from the sun but there are still a sprinkling of campers set up in the designated areas enjoying the uncrowded prime positions overlooking the sea absolutely free. Port Gibbon consists of a few houses and a free camping ground but a great place to do some beach fishing or a nice long walk.
The sandy red cliffs are a stand out against the blue of the sea and sky and although the Spencer Gulf is calm the tide still washes up some peculiar items – cricket bat for one, which I left for someone else to find and a really nice boxed wooden dominoes set. A bit worried it could be a ‘Jumanji thing’ but I couldn’t resist keeping it – come find me if I disappear.
We walk right up to The Knob and back – about 3 hours with lots of paddling. Happy wife, happy life.

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