10/4/2017 – 13/4/2017

We have decided to spend a few days at the coast before setting off on the long haul up to Darwin and we settle on Cowell in the hope of getting some nice oysters and perhaps some fish for Easter. The town itself is only small, 900 population, but has some interesting old buildings, a couple of good pubs and an amazing shop full of everything from fancy tea sets to old suitcases. Shane has his eye on a couple of surf fishing rods which he hopes to do up at some point. Walks are hard to find as the shoreline is lined with mangroves and why crabbing is so popular here – along with fishing. The caravan parks fish cleaning/crab cooking area is very busy come the afternoon so plenty around for the lucky ones.

I am interested in the Jade that is found and mined in this area and a very nice young man at the Jade Motel takes me through the showcase of jewellery items of which there is a vast quantity. It must be good stuff as they sell it to the Chinese and I was surprised to learn of the variety in the shades of green, almost to white in some of the items. He in turn tells me of a local oyster farmer and at $8 a dozen we seek him out (Terry Rehn in case you are down that way) to order a supply that should keep me very happy for a few weeks. They really are lovely oysters, big and fat in all the right places, a little on the salty side but in a good way, absolutely delicious!

We also enjoyed a great meal at the Franklin Harbour Hotel who have some very unique ideas for luring the local tourist in for dinner – dinner in a bowl or a special mid week spit night ( just a pity it was pork).

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