Neds Corner Station



Since Shane was 2 years old he has been camping on a stretch of the river at Neds Corner Station in an area called Mulcra Island – only an island when the Potterwalkagee Creek is flowing. Fondly known in our family as the Wacko Jacko named after the professional fisherman who worked this stretch of river and became a life long friend.
We set up the rods and it’s not long before the bells are ringing and a fish is on the hook, unfortunately the 3 fish caught were carp.


Since we have some bait left we head up to my favourite camping area – the Cod Tree. Sadly the Cod Tree’s tenuous hold on the bank has been ripped away by a high river and nothing but the roots showing above the water line. This spot has always been a winner and when we are down to our last couple of yabbies Shane manages to land a very nice Perch.

We take a drive down memory lane – which is really the old mail road and the mail tree is still standing where Jack used to wait for letters and send his fish into town.

We also drop into the ‘graves’ always a bit of a mystery with the marking ‘secret’ – the story goes that sometime during 1910 Mrs Ralston and her two children, a boy aged 3 and a girl aged 2, were fishing in a boat named Secret when an accident occurred and tragically they all drowned.


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