6/4/2017 – 9/4/2017

Coming to Cullulleraine has a mixed bag of feelings – so many happy memories of camping fishing and family fun but also some less enjoyable stays when the weather was murderously hot and the camping ground found too loud and crowded. Still we keep coming back and find ourselves with few nights to take in the serenity of the Lake Cullulleraine.
Shane is very keen to walk around the lake as he missed out previously having much more exciting things to do like fishing.
It is a 10.5km easy walk and takes you through stark desert like surroundings to lovely shaded tree areas and then of course the beautiful green lawns of the caravan parks – truly amazing what a bit of water can do to a place. The first part of the walk would be very hot indeed but thankfully we have a nice breeze and cloudy conditions. We are amazed at the changes over the last 30 years especially to the caravan park Bushmans Rest with beautiful luxury cabins overlooking the lake.

The sunset over the lake is breathtaking and a lovely way to end the day.


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