Sawpit Creek – Kosciuszko

17/3/2017 – 19/3/2017

Luxury accommodation for the walkers on this trip with cabins to sleep in – well all except one. The Sawpit Creek camping ground has been kept beautifully natural with its bush setting and also has a great camp kitchen area. We go for a short bush walk along the Sawpit Creek trail and just getting out into the fresh air of the mountains has the effect of lifting your spirit – warming us up for the big walk tomorrow.

The name Sawpit Creek is so named because it formed a natural pit for sawing logs, using a two handed saw. A third, unlucky, person stood in a pit BELOW the log.

An early start for our walk up to Kosciusko and then some heading around the lake track all of us starting and ending at Charlotte Pass. Unfortunately there is a heavy fog so not too much to see but still great to be on top of our highest mountain for the second time. It did lift as the day went on but a nice heavy mist does bring with it a mysterious atmosphere starting with glimpses of views finally to be completely revealed towards the end our hike.

Sunday morning, after packing, I opt for the Rennix Trail ending at the Giants Castle to return the same way. I’m in charge of the map and encouraged to incorporate some compass work to go with my orienteering training – thankfully there is a well marked trail and I have a very experienced map reader with me. The hike takes on a different feel and brings with it a new awareness of your surroundings. It is also very satisfying to find your end goal especially when hidden by the morning fog and bush.



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