Geehi Flats – Swampy Plains River

17/2/2017 – 20/2/2017

Huts Galore

The weather is perfect as we set up our tents and we are already camped at our first hut which is the substantial Geehi Hut which is just one of several built with stones from the Swampy Plains River – and there are still plenty more in the river just in case you want to build another one.

Our afternoon walk is a short stroll to Dr Forbes Hut which is only accessible by wading through the river. Although overgrown with long grass and encroaching blackberry bushes this hut looks perfectly at home in the surroundings.

We walk back via the Bicentennial National Trail – something to put on the ‘to do’ list.
The next morning its off to see more huts crossing the River throughout the day.
First stop Keeble Lodge with a mighty fine looking trout painted on the front door – apparently traced from the real thing.

Next we list the Doctors Hut – only for those who want to cross the river and carefully navigate through the prolific blackberries.

We now cross the widest section of the river that we will have to negotiate and we reach Old Geehi Hut.

Back to camp for some well deserved lunch before setting out again.
In the afternoon we forgo the walking boots and take a trip into Major Clews Hut by four wheel drive – an experience not to be forgotten. Apparently Major Clews worked in the area and loved it so much he built his retirement home and stayed. He put in an amazing garden some of which still stands seemingly at home with the bush surrounds.

Major Clews Hut

After a good night sleep next to the rushing water of the river we decide to walk into another famous Australian river the mighty Murray. We head down the Murray Gate Trail and Shane enjoys throwing a stone into Victoria. Here you could easily cross the river just hopping from stone to stone – considering Shane spent most of his time on this river at Mildura, where it is over a mile wide, it is hard to believe this is where it all begins.


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