Cooleman Mountain

3/2/2017 – 5/2/2017

Travelling from Wagga Wagga it takes us around 3 and a 1/2 hours to reach our camping spot so we enjoy a nice cuppa before setting off to explore Coolamine Homestead. The restoration of the 3 very different buildings is quite remarkable and an interesting  glimpse of life back in the 1940’s. A great spot for a homestead with amazing views located in a flat grassy plain. The inside of the main building is lined with newspapers so it makes for some fascinating reading from a love triangle murder to health advertisements spouting the benefits of Indian Root Pills.

Coolamine Homestead

The next morning we enjoy a very leisurely breakfast whilst waiting for another walker to join us – at the time we didn’t think much of the delay but later on it makes a huge difference.
We park at Coolamine Homestead and walk into the Blue Waterholes to have our lunch. Its still quite cool and with a nice downhill track it is a very pleasant start. We pass by several camping areas that are very accessible by car but also very popular to the point of being overcrowded.

We happily set off on our walk to Bill Jones Hut with the hope of also finding the ruins of Harris Hut following a loop that will link back to our cars. The weather has warmed up considerably since this morning and with no breeze in the valleys it feels hot and humid. On our way to the hut we encounter some wild brumbies and we keep seeing them throughout the afternoon – are they keeping an eye on us?

After a short break we hit the trail again estimating we should be back at the cars by 3pm. There are no signs into the ruins of Harris Hut and after some feeble attempts at finding it we decide to press on. At this point we are still quite buoyant looking forward to happy hour back at camp. The track is faint showing that this section is not frequently used and is some cases disappears altogether. Alas it would seem that our calculations were not very accurate and with each climb we hopefully look for the sign of the road but it is not until around 4pm that we finally are rewarded with the view of a nice shiny white car still another half an hour away. Everyone is tired but extremely pleased to reach the end – an early start is definitely the best policy especially in the warmer weather.
On our way out the next day we explore 2 more huts – Cooinbil Homestead and Long Plain Homestead.

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