The Royal National Park

16/1/2017 – 20/1/2017

This place is AMAZING and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to walk most of the Coastal Track while I was there – only due to a total fire ban we didn’t make it to the end.
Our first night is at Litle Garie Beach and it is quite a sight walking in as the sun goes down climbing up quite a steep ascent followed by a just as steep descent with a rush at the end to get our tents up before it gets really got dark. On the way our walk weaves in and out of several beach shacks dotted around the headland. These very compact, basic buildings, built with whatever they could lay their hands on, were once home to families during the depression years where communities were self sufficient growing vegetables and living on the fish they caught. The shacks cannot be rented, bought or sold and can only be inherited.

One of the shacks built during the depression years for next to nothing with a million dollar view.

We are starting at Bundina, taking us passed Indigenous rock carvings, through lovely coastal bush and views of the coast. The first few kilometres are very pleasant but when the track turns away from the coast, the sand becomes dry, hot and soft and the bush is so thick no breeze comes through so we really struggle to get to the first break point.

Although the conditions were very warm for the rest of our walk that day we make it to Wattamolla Bay. We enjoy the incredible views that we are privileged to witness, colourful sandstone cliffs towering over an incredibly blue ocean.

Unfortunately our next days walk is called off for a total fire ban but we do venture over to Cronulla and walk along the promenade, cooling our heels hopeful we can walk tomorrow.
Thankfully a cool change comes in and we are suddenly hunting for jackets so quite a difference in the temperatures. We decide to head off from Wattamola and reach Garie Beach. Of course it is much easier walking in these cool conditions and enjoy the well marked track immensely. Work is in progress on the track with some lovely sandstone steps making it an all weather accessible. I hope to finish the walk from Little Garie to Otford at a later date.

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