Weddin Mountains National Park

3/4 December 2016


Ben Hall’s Camping Ground

Saturday’s Walk

Starting from the Ben Hall’s Campground we follow the marked trail to Eualdrie Lookout crossing the creek several times which is especially nice as the day begins to heat up. Its not an easy walk with some challenging sections that require a little scrambling but, as always, the views are well worth the hike.


Basin Gully

You can definitely see why these mountains were a popular spot for the bushrangers of a bygone era with panoramic views across the plains as dust being kicked up by a horse and rider could be easily spotted some distance away allowing plenty of time for a getaway.


An early start as the day is going to be very hot and we take the trail leading to the reputed  Ben Hall’s hideout cave. This is a a nice 30 minute walk and some curious, but unconcerned, wallaby’s watch our small party climb the well worn path.


View from Ben Hall’s hideout 

In 1862 Ben Hall, along with 7 other bushrangers, successfully held up a gold coach outside Eugowra. They escaped with £3,700 in cash and 2,719 ounces of gold, or the equivalent of around one million dollars. Local legend still maintains that the booty is still hidden somewhere in the Weddin Mountains.

We continue along the walk up through Bertha’s Gully which has a very difficult section where the track has fallen away and requires a little more scrambling than the description alludes to. Rock formations illuminated by the rising sun are breathtaking singing the illusion that the rocks themselves are glowing from within.


I love a good waterfall and although not the most spectacular I have seen I am delighted in this inviting, picturesque, secluded gully which is a cool and shaded place to enjoy before the walk back.



Seaton’s Farm was purchased in 1936 and was built by Jim Seaton and his father from second hand iron, mill off-cuts, mud earth and hand-cut timber. I believe these two could make anything out of some iron and wire. Everything was done by hand with bits and pieces of this and that – quite a fascinating  glimpse into another life.

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