Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Coastal Walk


Starting at Tacking Point the northern headland of Lighthouse Beach  (a 9km stretch of beach heading toward Lake Cathie and a lovely walk in itself) and head towards Town Beach – our plan includes a dip halfway at Flynns Beach.

The 9km walk is well marked and quite easy but does have undulating sections crossing over headlands, climbing stairs and crossing beaches with soft, hard to walk in, sand. The views are spectacular and seeing the whales during their migration is a wonderful added bonus.

The first beach we reach is Miners Beach which is also nudist friendly although I’m not sure if the nudists are friendly! We then head into a lovely rain forest section of the walk and the temperature drops by a considerable amount. The sounds of the bush are magnified in the dense forest with the consistent song of the cicadas underscoring the symphony.


Miners Beach

As we walk through the path opens up to views of Shelley Beach and a nice little brown snake crosses our path – always need to be aware. Bush Turkeys show up to show off or looking for scraps and are not shy at all. Shelley Beach is really a beach with the best of both worlds and lovely quiet, protected, natural pool to swim in or just a short walk to enjoy some surf to have all sorts of fun in.


Shelley Beach a favourite spot for the Bush Turkey population

Clouds are building up and we are have upped the pace as we slip passed Flynns Beach probably the most popular of all the beaches to swim, enjoy a coffee or maybe some surfing lessons in Port Macquarie. We have decided it is best to reach the end before it starts to rain so a couple of us finish the walk with a swim at Towns Beach – the perfect way to end.


Flynns Beach

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