Port Macquarie


Time to look around the town that our son and his partner call home. A walk through the rainforest is a good place to start and how appropriate that it happens to be raining – even if only slightly. Sea Acres Rainforest Centre has a board walk that goes for approximately 2ks and has information stations scattered along the path. Apparently there were some baby owls but due to their awesome camouflaging abilities we did not see them. Although we found it interesting and the efforts to keep the forest going are commendable I couldn’t say that it was good value for money. I would recommend doing this walk with a ranger as I am sure you would get much more out of it – unfortunately we couldn’t get there during the specific times.

In the afternoon the rain had cleared and we head to the Koala hospital and check in for the tour. This was amazing and I certainly admirer the volunteers who dedicate there time and efforts into saving the koalas that come into the sanctuary. Sadly some will stay for the term of their natural lives albeit in a most comfortable arrangement but others will be rehabilitated back to the wild. I really recommend this as a place to visit – the people and koalas are incredible. The entry is free but donations are gratefully received and happily given.


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