Our last full day in London so we decide that it might be fun to experience some of the more challenging ways to get around this city. First we jump on the train and head to Angel Station with the longest escalator, Shane has fought hard to concur his fears of these moving stairs and the photo captures it al – he always looks his happiest when he is most scared.

Now that was out of the way we hop onto a train and head out to the Royal Victoria station to then take the cable car across the Thames. Why did I think this would be fun? The price of the tickets is great – 3 pound 60 and you can go backwards and forwards all day – a real bargain. We sit down quite comfortably and starting moving slowly up. The cable car is not quite as high as the Big Eye but we can see all over London and its a long, long way down. It doesn’t help that this happens on a very windy day and our car starts rocking – not good. When we finally get down we go out the wrong way and the young girl just laughs and says ” I thought you were going around again”. It was heaps of fun though.

Then we catch the River Bus all the way up the Thames seeing all the sights along the way – without the commentary but as we did do the ‘tourist’ thing last time it was nice to just relax and enjoy.

It is time to bid our fond farewell to England and head for home.

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