Wimpole Estate


Usually this is a park run enjoyed by the family but I am grateful that today we shall be enjoying a nice leisurely stroll around the estates beautiful grounds. I’m feeling a little ‘Pride and Prejudice’ walking around and the historical journey of the grand Wimpole Hall has endured is not short of interesting, intriguing tales that could rival the Jane Austin novel. Love matches not approved, financial problems, political motivations, problems with heirs or lack thereof and more. Recently a shoe was found under some floorboards apparently to keep witches at bay. Rudyard Kiplings daughter, Elsie, was the last owner-occupier, who also restored the property, then graciously left the estate to the National Trust upon her death.

Wimpole Hall

Wimpole Hall

Today we walk around the estate and enjoy the stunning views of lakes and even spot a pike or two in the tranquil waters. An interesting project to celebrate landscape designer Capability Brown by placing easels in particularly picturesque locations. The idea is that you can paint the view behind you by looking up into a mirror that gives an artists perspective.

Then there is the extroidinary folly in the form of a ruined castle – as it turns out a nice place to enjoy some lunch. As we continue through woodlands, rolling hills and open fields we also have the added bonus of a bounty of blackberries – very nice.

Our foraging continues at the the farm shop and we end up with a couple of books and some rare breed pork sausages.

A wonderful day shared with a wonderful family.

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