As we are not doing the whole car hire thing this time we travel by train to Cambridge to visit family. I’m enjoying watching the scenery glide by without any of the navigational stresses. The solar panels amongst the regular crop and livestock farming are a bit of a surprise. Apparently this is a little controversial as prized agricultural land is used to produce power, which changes the land use to industrial, but it is clean energy and does give land the opportunity to rest from being cropped. Who would have thought England would even get enough sunshine? (Only kidding the weather has been brilliant while we have been over here.)

In Cambridge we check out the Scott Polar Research Institute and find it a very informatively interesting museum. The tragic ending to this expedition is brought to life with exerts from diaries and it seems to me that knowing they all faced certain death they did so with dignity and courage. Amundsen does also get a mention as being the first to arrive at the South Pole but there is no doubt of the strong loyalty to Scott and his intrepid fellow explorers.

There are many artefacts and stories of how the indigenous people lived, survived and developed a unique culture in the remotest areas of the Northern Polar Regions. An amazing glimpse into the past.

Off to the markets for some cheese tasting, cheese buying and some lovely bread before getting on the Cambridge Park and Drive bus to spend the evening catching up with family.

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