Kings Lynn


Time to meet up with some more cousins some of whom I’ve never met and one who I had caught up with when she was 10. Her partner is a farmer so we learn all about sugar beets, potatoes and other lucrative produce for market gardeners – Shane is very interested to find out the wheat yields which are a great deal higher per acre than Australia.


My sugar beet growing cousin – Glen

Kings Lynn is a interesting little place and the ferry ride across to West Lynn is quite a treat especially with a captain who has a rough, broad northern accent so of course I have to keep asking him questions just to hear him talk. He has quite a bit to say when on our return journey the tide was out so he has to get out and push us to the jetty – now I know why he was wearing the  full overall waders.


We top the visit off with a night out catching up on all the gossip of our family tree – great stories, some sad and some crazy but all very interesting.


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