Budapest just conjures up mystic, spies and James Bond movies in my mind at least. To be honest I’m not disappointed it is a city of troubled, tragic overwhelming history. One of the very first things you learn is that it is made up of Buda and Pest (pronounced Pesth)- a bit like Albury and Wondonga separated by a river and in this case the Danube and of course we don’t call it Alburydonga but maybe we should (ha ha).

A biking tour around the city is highly recommended, by Daniel who has been on it 3 times, and it is truly a fantastic way to see and hear the history and highlights, of which there are  so many.
There are many mysteries to the city, a castle where no royalty or significant historical figures ever lived, a lake that isn’t a lake, a swimming pool that is a restaurant and many buildings looking like they are much older but are replicas of previously destroyed buildings. It truly is facinating! There are stories of witches, heroes, Royal triests, battles won and lost, building projects that make your mind boggle with the diversity, poets and muciscians all told with passion by our local guide, Anna. Now I am highly recommending it – even the meeting instructions are enticing – see the person with the bike on the steps of the Basilica.

The bike ride/tour takes us about 5 hour so now I’m hungry – yes I know and I’m in Hungary so it’s off to a place close to our b n b for a good feed and definitely a few cold beers.

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