Hvar 2


It’s a beautiful, hot and steamy day – just perfect for a walk up a big hill – Shane thinks we should have started a lot earlier than 11am and it certainly would have been cooler. There are lots of steps, lots, but at least it is relatively cool between the buildings. The path then takes a winding route to the top but we are shaded by pine trees so it smells like Christmas and with lavender stalls being plentiful the subtle tones of this delightful oil gently waft through the air.

The views from the fortress are incredible and we can see the island that Dan and Jasmine headed off to this morning – they will be loving all this sunshine.

The fortress took 300 years to build and it started way back in the 13th century, although some believe it is much older with the foundation set on a previous wall. In 1571 the fortification saved the people of the town who took refuge in its walls when Turks raided Hvar and burnt it to the ground. The history of the fortress highlights the changes of the ruling countries of this sliver of land – Greeks, Venetians, Romans and more.

Our walk is over so it is definitely time for a swim and even Shane is keen to dip his toe in. There are places to swim everywhere that are portioned off from the boats so we pick at spot and Shane enjoys a bit of floating himself. The only downside of swimming close to town is the amount of small rubbish that is washed up – yesterday’s beach was pristine in comparison so my suggestion is to walk or boat to beaches away from the main port. Thankfully the water is still amazingly clear and at least appears very clean – perception is everything.
It’s a very late dinner but we finally get up to the roof top burger bar called 50. Truffles again YUM!

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