7/9 – 8/9/2016

It takes about one and a half hours to ferry over to the island of Hvar from Split and we are greeted by our host of our new b n b which was very thoughtful. The place is very nice and the extra touches are appreciated – towels and yoga mats for swimming, a welcome drink and all the necessities. (The yoga mats are to sit on at the beaches as they are all white, stoney/pebbly and not sand.)

It’s a quiet night in tonight with a home cooked meal which hits the spot and after we walk into the main centre for a look at the night life. Shane is impressessed with the restaurant where you can pick your choice of fish from the iced display to have it cooked just the way you like it. An early night so we can be nicely relaxed for our next day.

We walk around to a bay called Robinson’s which is very secluded with just a few other tourists.

The beach lounges are organised and I’m sure people thought Shane and I were a little crazy as we wanted ours in the shade whilst everyone else is baking out in the full sun.
Then it’s time for my first swim in the Mediterranean Sea, although as I discover later it is really called the Adriatic Sea. It so fantastic, the water is clear but very salty and you can float with no effort at all. I can put my hands behind my head and still float – it is bliss so I float around a long time being rocked by small waves and enjoy the feeling of total relaxation.
Float like a boat

Float like a boat

Lunch is cooked up by the small restaurant, a starter of cheese, olives and eggplant pate followed by  a seafood platter of squid, scampi with some grilled vegetables and a salad – all very tasty.

Shane and I decide to walk back as the sun is now all over our beach lounges so it’s time for me to move out.

Out for a birthday dinner for Daniel at a place called the Black Pepper which is beautifully situated on the steps of the Hvar centre – I would highly recommend this place to anyone coming here. From the moment you sit down you are treated as a special guest with little ‘gifts from the kitchen’ presented throughout the night. I’m in truffle heaven with a cheese ravioli but everyone’s meal looks and tastes wonderful all with a touch of fanfare and entertaining explanations. Dan’s birthday is even celebrated with a piece of cheesecake – compliments of the kitchen.

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