Krka and Split


Its a bit sad to leave as we have had such a great time in Bibinje but we are looking forward to our trip to Split and stopping off at the Krka National Park for a few hours.

The park is well worth the look and more of a wetlands with pools of water surrounded by lovely trees, grasses and water reeds. The boardwalks circle around the pools leading you past waterfalls and at one sections several small cascades pour into a natural spa – I’d love to hop in and imagine it would be the maddest jacuzzi ever.


The most wonderful thing about coming here is not only do you get to wander around enjoying the natural beauty you also get to enjoy swimming in the final pool with and amazing waterfall as a backdrop. The water is chrystal clear and although getting into the water is a little tricky, the water is soft and beautiful to swim in. In places it is quite deep but we are able to sit or stand on the smooth rock shelves scattered throughout.

Our time here is limited but on the way out we do get a very quick glimpse of an aqueduct built by the Romans and and some ancient buildings from a long time past town on the edge of the park.
Split is the opposite of everything we have experienced so far – a thriving, bustling city, a port for cruise ships, a night life that explodes with music and people enjoying all it has to offer. Our meal at Fifes is so good, I had one of the tastiest casseroles with mashed potoaoe so rich and creamy I don’t want to think of what made them so delicious.

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