Bibinje 2

Shane and I do a little shopping which turns out to be very smart as it starts to rain and it is wet for most of the day. We cancel our trip to Nin and spend a day relaxing. There is not much we can do about the weather but our host is on the ball – last night he offered us fish and potato salad and cheekily brings by a small fish, I think is a sprat, and a potato sat on a plate.

Not long after that though he returns with a bowl of lightly battered deep fried sprats with cut up tomatoes. He calls them his fish chips! They are delicious and easy to munch on.
The sun does come out at the end of day the sky lighting up with the promise of a lovely day tomorrow.
As promised our host serves us a feast of grilled Orada fish, potato salad and muscles also grilled over hot coals – all Croatian style – no skimping on the olive oil – and all cooked beautifully. He is an amazing fellow who has really made our stay here very special memory.

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