31/8 – 1/9/2016

Back to familiar territory we wander around the Camden markets, enjoy some beautiful focaccia for lunch a buy some souvenirs – row after row of the markets is made up of t-shirts with various slogans and pictures but all pretty much the same, same price – hard to believe they can all make a living out of it.

Before heading out to dinner at the Blues Kitchen Brixton we enjoy some craft beers while watching a busker balance a by cycle on his head whilst in various positions and a bit shocked when he does the splits. He uses old tyre rims for jumping though and around, the grand finale being a leap through a flaming rim. This sort of thing seems to be pretty much standard around here.

Cocktails and dinner is a delicious messy affair of sticky ribs, smokey flavours and some amazing blue cheese sauce. The service is excellent and all accompanied with enthusiasm and smiles. We struggle to finish the extra generous portions and so we are offered take home containers. Very impressed – Brixton you’ve done it again!


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