We just can’t waste all this sunshine so it’s off to Brighton, where my mum, dad and sister went about 44 years ago and as I had only ever known sandy beaches this was a very memorable trip to the seaside.

As usual I messed up buying the train tickets which could have meant the trip to Brighton could have cost me £108. Thankfully I did seek help and we ended up paying half that. Ticket machines and me do not mix!

Brighton is beautiful with quaint and interesting little shops – like the vegetarian shoe shop located in the city section called The Lanes. I love looking at all the unusual jewellery stalls so Shane spends a lot of time waiting and gets quite indignant people just come up and ask him for money – something he will never get used to. Stand still for a moment and they are onto you like ducks to water.

The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton with a colourful history. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV in an Indian style. If these walls could talk – queen Victoria didn’t like it nearly as much and sold it back to the city for £56,000. The story goes that his doctor recommended going to Brighton as the salt water may improve his gout – maybe it will work for Shane as well.


The old pier that we walked on all those years ago was burnt down in 2003 and plans are to rebuild sometime in the future but of course it will never be the same. We walk around the pier that is still here and even enjoy a rest on the ‘free’ deck chairs and take in the view. I am wishing I had my swimmers as the day is warm and the water isn’t too bad either.

We venture out to stroll along the beach which is hard work – a good exercise for the calves that’s for sure. I guess there are pros and cons about having a stoney beach – you certainly don’t get sand everywhere but it’s hard to sit on and harder to move around on. Though none of these factors deter the crowds – people are enjoying every moment of the outdoors while the weather is good.

Again we enjoy some lovely fish and chips but this time I also try the scampi – delicious!

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