Galway and the Cliffs of Moher

On the bus again nice and early but all is well – the is sun shining with beautiful Irish countryside to view on the way. Our tour guide is quite a character and we are all ‘my lovelies’ – even getting us to sing ‘you are my sunshine’ to ensure good weather.
We enjoy more of stories of the dramatic history of Ireland and also interesting folklore. My favourite being the 3 million dollar fairy tree. When building the main highway from Limerick to Galway a fairy tree was discovered and after several meetings it was decided to divert the road around it costing in the vicinity of 3mill – all to avoid bad luck. The story goes that this tree is the meeting point for the faeries of Munster (southern region of Ireland) when they go into battle with the faeries of Connaught (western region of Ireland).

The Cliffs of Moher also have many myths and legends surrounding them, witches, hags, horses and eels. They truly are an amazing sight and have seen many movies scenes filmed in the area – Princess Bride and Harry Potter as an example. You are completely in awe of what Mother Nature can produce. Rising over 200 metres above the Atlantic Ocean we make our way along the cliff path.

Passing quaint thatched roof houses, leprechaun war horses (Shetland ponies) all beside the wild Atlantic sea we make our way to the area called the Burren. A stark stoney area caused by lava mixing with ice that makes you feel you are on a strange lunar landscape.
The Burren which when pronounced sounds more like burn

The Burren which when pronounced sounds more like burn

Galway is a place I would have loved to spend more time at great seafood – say no more. Of course there is a lot more a facinating history with this being one of the busiest most important ports of a long time passed. The tragic story of the Lynch family ending with the father hanging his one and only son and apparently where the term ‘lynch mob’ came from.

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