Belfast and the Giant’s Causeway


We chose to go with Wild Rover tours, mainly because they packed quite a lot into a day – of course that does mean we have to get up for an early start. On the way we hear how history formed the people of Ireland, the invasions, the changes to the landscape and languages all nicely peppered with humour and quirky tales. The weather is perfect with the promise of spectacular views.
In Belfast we join the Black Cab tours for a trip we will never forget. You get the feeling that at any moment hostilities could again erupt and end the intangible peace. Our guides are factually abrupt and tell stories of people caught up in the ‘troubles’ and explain the murals that are dramatic and powerful artworks. We are shocked that the ‘peace’ wall gates are shut each evening and that there are still marches that cause great divides amongst the locals. Each guide has his own story to tell, ours, lost his father when he was 7, was imprisoned went through believing his life would end violently and there was so much more. Very thought provoking, very emotional and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the whole situation – Shane was thoroughly mesmerised.

On the way to the Giant’s Causeway we see the medieval Dunluce castle the location used in the Game of Thrones for the House of Greyjoy.

Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

Now for stories of angry Giants one called Finn McCool and building of a pathway from Ireland to Scotland a much better explanation than 100,000 millions of years of lava heating and cooling. The large almost perfectly formed hexagon shapes in black basalt stone, stacked one on top of the other is really something special.

Next stop is to brave the Carrick A Rede Rope Bridge, not for the feint hearted and when I see how the fisherman did it back in the day……’s insane! The walk and views along the coastline are spectacular and on this very clear day we can see the land of Scotland – apparently a very special day.

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