Whitstable and Canterbury


Despite the consistent heavy rain as we leave London most of us, 3 out of 4 in the car, are optimistic about the weather fining up at Whitstable. The city houses disappear and are replaced by fields, farms and country houses – so much space. The sun is out when we reach our destination but it is windy, ‘would blow a dog right off its chain’ – which is appropriate because there are dogs on chains everywhere.

Whitstable is such a colourful place – boats bobbing in the harbour, inviting old fishing shacks turned into accommodation and even a group of acapella singers. A market offers up some very clever crafts, artwork, food and I go away with lots of ideas for projects – That will probably never see the light of day.


Time for oysters and we all decide on Skate and chips. The fish is a bit of a challenge with long soft bones but Jasmine masters the technique of scrapping the meat off and we all enjoy the flavour. (Back home I searched Skate and found it to be similar to a stingray so I probably wouldn’t have even tried it!) The oysters where shucked fresh, juicy and delicious!


On to Canterbury only 8 miles away. Daniel previously worked here so he knows his way around. Through some lovely gardens along the river.


We meander around the streets and then I am encouraged to look through the cathedral – I have vague memories of visiting this place with my mum, dad and sister when I was – my mum was a bit worried as she had her hair in rollers. The Cathedral is incredibly special and so much to see. Some of the tourists still like to hop over ropes and one of the brothers fully decked in long black robes was getting most insistent that they “turn back immediately”. The price of having to earn a buck from the public to maintain the buildings.











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